The Faces of Silly Faces: Dinosaur Soup

People have submitted almost 40,000 silly faces to The Silly Face Society. Today, we are delighted to showcase one of our favourite players: Dinosaur Soup.


Dinosaur doing the “choking hot sauce eye”.

Dinosaur joined the esteemed society in April of 2013 and has risen to the rank of Toucan Sam with 1185 monocles earned to date. She is a welcome face to new players, and has even alerted us to a few application bugs.

International “Mustached Man” of Mystery

Hailing from the great state of New Jersey, Dinosaur Soup is a stay-at-home mom of an awesome two year old girl. Naturally, she uses this an excuse make silly faces to her phone in public. Her friends don’t even give her a second glance when she’s making the Barf or the Flamboyant Metalhead.

She also enjoys more traditional games like Skyrim and branches out into RPGs and survival-horror. But with the Silly Face Society, it was love at first app-open. Her advice to new players? “Don’t be afraid to be the silliest you can be!”.

Dinosaur has challenged members with over 500 faces! We’ve prepared a short video celebrating her rise to silly stardom:

Can you out-silly Dinosaur Soup? Challenge her and others with the Silly Face Society on your iPhone, iPad or iPod!

  • Danmotar

    How to delete ppl not playing for 5 to 7 days ?